As 25 cidades mais perigosas do mundo

O site www.hassanaudi.likes.com  postou uma lista com as 25 cidades mais perigosas do mundo, incluindo cidades brasileiras. Confiram abaixo:

#25 Recife in Brazil

 The city may be largely unheard of, but Recife in Brazil had 1,656 homicides in a city of 3,717,640 inhabitants. The city is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Brazil and it is commonly referred to as the "Brazilian Venice", due to its many bridges and canals. So for a city that seems to have so much in its favor, why all of the violence?

 #24 Medellin in Colombia

The 24th most dangerous city on the list is the city of Medellin in Colombia, with a reported 1,175 homicides per 2,393,011 inhabitants. It is believed that much of the violence can be blamed on criminal bands trying to gain control of certain territories. However, homicide is actually on the gradual decrease in this city, as 1991 alone reported 6,349 homicides.

#23 Cucuta in Colombia

 If you’re thinking of travelling to Columbia any time soon, then take note. The city of Cucuta is highly dangerous, and it ranked 23 on the world’s most dangerous cities list. There was a reported 346 homicides for just 637,302 inhabitants.

#22 New Orleans

New Orleans is the first American city to make it onto the list of the most dangerous cities in the world. There were a reported 93 homicides per 343,829 inhabitants. It is believed that many of the deaths are due to a high rate of gun crime, as well as gang warfare and drug lords.

#21 Nuevo Laredo in Mexico

 Nuevo Laredo in Mexico is also a city notorious for its high rates of crime and violence. The city has produced an alarming 288 murders for 385,315 inhabitants per year. It is reported that violence has particularly exploded since the Sinaloa Cartel entered the city to fight the Zetas.

#20 Barquisimeto in Venezuela

Barquisimeto is estimated to have had 804 homicides for 1,120,718 inhabitants each year. In 2011, the Global Study on Homicide, published by the UN, placed Venezuela as the South American country with the highest rate of crime and violence.

#19 Joao Pessoa in Brazil

 Joao Pessoa is another dangerous city in Brazil. There was a whopping 508 homicides reported for 723,515 inhabitants. In December, president Dilma Rouseff stated that three in every 1000 Brazilian teens are murdered before turning 19. - Very dangerous indeed.

#18 Manaus in Brazil

 The name of "Manaus" means "mother of the gods" in tribute to the indigenous nation of Manaós, However, this city is certainly not 'godlike', as it finds itself on this list. The ranking is established with 945 homicides for 1,342,846 inhabitants.

 #17 Guatemala City

 Guatemala City is also an extremely dangerous city to live in. A study revealed an alarming 2,063 homicides for 3,062,519 inhabitants. It is reported that the majority of crimes are caused by gunfire, and as a result, many are urging the government to take control.

#16 Salvador City in Brazil

 Salvador City in Brazil had a shocking 2,391 homicides for 3,642,482 inhabitants, making it one of the most violent cities in the world. But the irony is that Salvador City is also known as Brazil's 'capital of happiness' due to its countless popular outdoor parties, including its street carnival. All that violence doesn't sound too happy to us!

 #15 Culiacan in Mexico

 The city of Culiacan, in Mexico, is number 16 on the list. The report estimated that 549 homicides occurred for 884,601 inhabitants. The city of Culiacan is also the fourth Mexican city on the most dangerous cities in the world list. Looks like Mexico may also find itself on the “biggest decrease in tourism” list soon too.

#14 Fortaleza in Brazil

Fortaleza in Brazil had 1,628 homicides per 2,452,185 inhabitants, which places it in the 14th spot on the list. Fortaleza is the 5th largest city in Brazil, however that does not make it a desirable place to live, as the high level of violence and murder is already beginning to drive residents away.

#13 Vitoria in Brazil

Vitoria in Brazil had a shocking 1,018 homicides for 1,685,384 inhabitants. In January, a one-year old girl was murdered during a robbery, sparking worldwide outrage and mourning. As a result, the city now has a notorious reputation for its high crime and murder rates, placing it securely on this list.

#12 Cuernaca in Mexico

Cuernaca in Mexico is also another city to end up on the world’s most dangerous cities, and this is due to the murder-per-capita ratio. The city had had 359 murders per 640,188 inhabitants – That’s very alarming indeed! It’s safe to say that this city will not be receiving many tourists in the near future!

#11 Ciudad Juarez in Mexico

Ciudad Juarez in Mexico had 749 homicides for 1,339,648 inhabitants, according to the report this year. Regardless, at the start of the year, they showed a steady decrease in crime, from the 2,086 reported in 2011, to 750 in 2012. Perhaps in the next 5 – 10 years, this city won’t make the list at all?

#10 Guayana in Venezuela

Guayana in Venezuela reported 578 homicides for 1,050,283 inhabitants. In February 2012, the Venezueal Observatory began the Campaign to Sensibilitize the Value of Life in Venezuela, hoping this campaign would spread the message of peace. If action such as this is continually taken, one can only hope that the violence and homicide will decrease dramatically.

#9 Detroit

Detroit is another U.S city to make the notorious list. There were a recorded 386 murders for 606,585 inhabitants in the last year alone. CQ Press also initiated a study of their own, and they believed that Detroit is certainly one of the most violent cities in the whole of the United States.

#8 Sao Luis in Brazil

Sao Luis is another South American city on the list and it had 509 homicides per 1,014,837 inhabitants. For a town well known for its sea ports and beautiful, surrounding sea, it is a terrible sadness for the city to be suffering from such high levels of homicide, violence, and gang warfare.

#7 Cali in Colombia

The city of Cali in Colombia ranks number 7th on the list, and much of this violence is a result of the drug cartels and guerrillas. It is estimated that there are 1,1819 homicides per 2,294,653 inhabitants. This wave of violence has occurred largely since 1995 after the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers were captured.

#6 Macelo in Brazil

The city of Macelo in Brazil also made it onto the list, as there are reportedly 801 homicides per 932,748 inhabitants in the city – Shocking!

#5 Torreon in Mexico

Although this city is the ninth-biggest metropolitan area in Mexico and is one of Mexico's most important economic and industrial centers, the violence in Torreon places the city in fifth place on the list. There are 1,087 murders per 1,147,647 inhabitants.

#4 The Federal District in Francisco Morazan

When we heard that there is only one police officer per 1,752 inhabitants, then it did not surprise us that The Federal District in Francisco Morazan comes in as number four. There are approximately 1,149 murders per 1,126,534 inhabitants, and violence in this city is slowly spiraling out of control.

#3 Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela is also in a dire situation, as the city finds itself ranked at #3. It is reported that only eight of 100 crimes that take place will actually be punished, and there's an average of 3,862 homicides per 3,247,971 people.

#2 Acapulco in Mexico

So which city is a close second on the list? The once-popular tourist destination of Acapulco in Mexico. A rise in murderous violence between drug lords and criminals has now made tourists avoid the sunny destination. The city reported 1,170 murders for 818,853 inhabitants.

#1 Honduras' San Pedro Sula

When it comes to the number one spot, Honduras' San Pedro Sula takes the cake. Shockingly, San Pedro Sula had 1,218 murders for 719,447 inhabitants in 2012.

Fonte: http://hassanaudi.likes.com/the-25-most-dangerous-cities-in-the-world?page=14

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