How brazilian life is like

  • We have to study maths, physics, science, chemistry, portuguese, history, english, sports in school till we are 18 even if we dont like it;
  • Our salary is enough to pay our bills, and thats it;
  • Theres about 15 people trying to get 1 vacancy in most courses from public college, and most people can not afford private college, so they have to work during college year to pay it till they finish college;
  • Our "dole" just takes a few months;
  • We pay high taxes for government, but our public schools are crap (some of them have holes in the walls), our roads and streets have cheap lights for the night (some of them dont have lights), our hospitals dont have enough doctors, enough space for a crowd of people desperate for an appointment, some people starve at street,  and most brazilian parks are dangerous, dirty and abandoned;
  • Even if you are a doctor you might not have some extra money in the end of the month, cause even people who studied for 5 years dont receive a decent salary;
  • Most people in Brazil can not afford a car or a house; 
  • By law everybody needs to vote, even though this person lives far away from the city, doesnt have a car and doesnt want to do it;
  • 10% of the population is millionarie and 90% poor or middle class;
  • São Paulo has traffic of 3 hours everyday, and most big cities have traffic of at least 1 hour everyday;

So if you are brazilian be proud of it, cause its not easy to be like us...
See ya in the next post.

Um comentário:

  1. Com a ajuda do Google tradutor entendi seu post. E concordo plenamente, as escolas brasileiras são uma porcaria, só as públicas, claro. Se eu te falar tudo o que está ruim na minha escola vou ficar até não sei que hora digitando esse comentário. Apesar de tudo, gosto de ser brasileira e do povo do Brasil.♥



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