10 things you dont know about Brazil & Brazilians

Hi buddies. How is it going?
This is my first post written in english for ye guys who are not brazilian and wanna know more about this great country. 
I bet you know my country a little bit (or maybe not), but I wanna  let you know about loads of things which you probably never heard about Brazil.
  1. Our minimum salary is about 1 euro by hour and the prices of food, rent and eletrecity are similar to the ones from most countries from Europe like UK, Ireland and France;
  2. We have the best dentists of the world and loads of excellent professionals;
  3. We have the best meat of the world (which comes from the south of Brazil);
  4. We are hard workers, very happy, similing, warm, solidary and our people were chose the coolest people from the world by CNN;
  5. We have 16.27 million people extreme poor in Brazil, and all the government gives them is some food, but thats it;
  6. We love rice, beans, fun parties with dancing people (including men dancing), huge shopping centres and to live in apartments (they are safer from stealers than the houses)
  7. In our schools all children and teenagers need to learn maths, physics, chemistry, history, biology (or science), portuguese, english and sports until they are 18 and they can not choose levels like they do in most countries, suffering pressure from school and parents to learn all the things that they dont want to;
  8. It's very difficult to get into public college in Brazil (especially if everybody wants to do your course). But it is easier if you are foreign, black or studied in the public school for the last 3 years. 
  9. We are an ethnicity mixed between italians, portuguese, germans, indians and we mix with everyone easily. You can find russians, italians and germans communities in Brazil, where they speak their language and often live in the farm;
  10. Brazil has snow in the winter too, in some cities and towns in the south of the country it could be -5 there.
I hope ye guys liked the post and the info too. It's always nice to know more about others cultures and more about our world as well.
See ya.

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